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OC Word..Life Pictures, Images and Photos

. O.C Word...Life - Classic Album 1994

1. Creative Control
2. Word...Life
3. O-Zone
4. Born 2 Live
5. Time's Up
6. Point O Viewz
7. Constables
8. Ga Head
9. No Main Topic
10. Let It Slide
11. Ma Dukes
12. Story
13. Outtro (Sabatoge)
14. Born 2 Live - (remix)
15. Time's Up - (remix)

This really needs no introductions, so won't say anything about the album. What i will do is introduce myself as this is my first post for That Realness, sup peeps i am DaddyRay yep i'm the one behind the That Realness mixtape and i'll be trying to bring something new to the table. Introducing that independent Soul aswell as the classic hip hop gems peace peace.