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Jedi Mind Tricks affiliates and core Army of the Pharaohs members Outerspace offer the video to the first single off their new album,"God's Fury," in stores September 30th.

The visual accompaniment to "What the Future Holds" is as stunning as the sonic landscape created by Crypt and Planet: a bleak environment filled with a tinny and emotionally evocative soulful sensibility, heralding hard times to come. The often unseen landscape of a depressed and downtrodden Philadelphia neighborhood is captured as Crypt and Planet navigate their days.

The timing of this video is uncanny. As the financial institutions of the nation crumble, Outerspace gives us a glimpse of real people on the street, and the trials and tribulations that so many are forced to endure.

"What the Future Holds" is a "keep-your-head-up" anthem for those dealing with the realities of modern day life.