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Great Expectations is finally here! After two years of recording in between five group projects, Element from the critically acclaimed LA hip-hop collective, Custom Made, debuts with his solo mixtape.

With this project Element aims to show fans the extreme lyricist and poet he truly is. Element combines all aspects of his style from the street-crime rap to the conscious-introspective gems to bring you a true hip-hop journey.

Even though this is a mixtape; with all original production and all new music, it sounds more like an album. The majority of the production is handled by Custom Made producer, Abstrakt Soundz. “Ab and I worked closely on this tape to make sure it had a cohesive sound,” says Element. “He knows my style perfect.” The mixtape features Custom Made cohorts Bluff and Scoobs, singer Wade Benjamin and Franco.

Great Expectations marks the fifth installment in the Street Cinema series. With this release Element shows why there should be Great Expectations for his rap career in the years to come.

Listen to track 10, "I Am"

01. Intro
02. Before I Wake
03. Club Epidemic (Feat. Bluff & Scoobs)
04. Edgar Allan Poe (Interlude)
05. The Dark Knight
06. The Element Project *
07. Chucks
08. Devour The Game
09. Great Expectations (Interlude)
10. I Am
11. I'm Sorry (Feat. Wade Benjamin)
12. Overkill (Feat. Franco)
13. Lay 'Em Down (Feat. Scoobs)
14. Nightmare Merchant (Feat. Bluff & Scoobs) *
15. As The World Turns
16. Beautiful End *

All tracks produced by Abstrakt Sounds except *

#6 produced by Allan Parsons
#14 produced by Akatsoki
#16 produced by Dialect

Custom Made's debut release "Original Dynasty" was a dope album and one of the stand out MC's amongst the group was Element, who between recording their mixtapes and Original Dynasty album, found time to put together his solo album which showcases why he's one of the best up-and-coming MC's in the game. Don't sleep on this!!!

NOTE: Apologies to the 50 plus people who downloaded this and realised that tracks 2 and 3 cut off about a minute in. This has now been rectified and a new link has been created so download... again and enjoy... again!