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1. Ain't The Devil Happy/Tidal Wave
2. Extra Credit
3. Emit Gninrut
4. Starting Over
5. Musical Chairs/Ghetto
6. Ghetto Reprise
7. I Just Wanna Go Home (feat. Kaboom)
8. Internet Porn
9. Decisions Feat. Sivion
10. Break You Off
11. Hidden Track feat. Surreal
12. Hazit From the Block
13. Bad Weather (feat. JustMe, Cas Metah & Kaboose)
14. W.T.F.
15. Yeah Boy (feat. Surreal)
16. Musical Chairs Hazit Remix

Little mixtape that dropped prior to Theory's classic debut release "Extra Credit". If you have both albums, this is a worthy addition, if you don't have any Theory Hazit, then this is a good place to start.