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Mystagogue Vol. II was only ever released on audiotape, around 1996 or '97, packaged as a freebie with Slap skateboard magazine.
In order to get it you had to buy the issue that was sold in skateboard shops (i.e., it wasn't packaged with bookshop or other newsstand copies).
This is pretty early Wu, and at the time they had a board company that sponsored Kevin Taylor, who's now with Zoo York.
The mix itself is gritty Rza, with beats from Tical, Forever, 36 Chambers, etc. mixed with jazz and funk.

Killer Bees Intro
7th Chamber pt. II
Dog Shit (Mixed)
Ghostface Killah - Box In Hand
Method Man - Release Yo' Self

Ghostface Killah - Who's The Champion ft. GZA
Wu - As High As Wu-Tang Get
Raekwon - Guillotine (Swords)

the link is contains two mp3 files (side A & side B) its a very rare and exclusive stuff that you must have.