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Decay is an emcee that comes along every once in a while and captivates the listener with raw talent and a hunger to tell his story. In 2005 he released locally his debut "In Retrospect", an album full of political and personal subject matter ranging from being kicked out of his house to the portrayal of minorities in the media. In 2007, he collaborated with Akron, Ohio producer Fluent (Uncut Raw, Green Llama) to form City Slick. They released an independent hip hop firecracker called "The Antique Black", that garnered attention from various online stores, news sites and blogs.

Recently, Decay dropped "The Unlikely Villain" mixtape for free download online. The mixtape features a few members of the Green Llama crew (Decay, Selfish, Tone Liv, Butta Verses, Fluent, Vincent Price, Ill Don, Mr. Dibiase and Dj Monky) and drops from The Molemen. This move helped D grow his fanbase as well as set up promotions for his new album, "The Unlikely Hero" on Molemen Records.

"The Unlikely Hero" features production by Panik, Memo and PNS, who bring that sound of raw hip hop the Molemen are known for. Selfish (Uncut Raw), also drops a gem on the album for the Green Llama posse cut "Easy" featuring Selfish, Tone Liv and Butta Verses (a long time collaborator of De La Soul). Fellow Molemen Records labelmate Astonish also makes a guest appearance on the concert favorite track "Get Loose". Aside from those two collaborations, Decay is left to fend on his own, the rest of the album, to show and prove that skills have come to save the day.

1. Fanfare (Produced By: Memo)
2. Push (Produced By: Memo)
3. The Unlikely Hero (Produced By: Panik)
4. That's War feat. Selfish (Produced By: Panik)
5. Don't Ever Say (Produced By: PNS)
6. Wise (Produced By: Panik)
7. Pills (Produced By: Panik)
8. Shaking Dice Interlude (Produced By: PNS)
9. The Chase (Produced By: Panik)
10. Get Loose feat. Astonish (Produced By: Panik)
11. Sunsplash (Produced By: Memo)
12. Easy (The Llama Way) feat. Selfish, Tone Liv & Butta Verses (Produced By: Selfish)
13. Oh Lordy (Produced By: Panik)
14. Cloud (Produced By: Panik)

Yep yep, another TR exclusive!!! Why oh why do people continue to sleep on the Molemen?!! They're responsible for some of the best hip hop to come out of Chicago or anywhere for that matter for the longest while now. This superb release follows on from Astonish's From Now Until Forever and Verbal Kent's Fist Shaking. Production is all handled by the Molemen crew of Panik, Memo & PNS and features fellow Molemen MC, Astonish as well as his Green Llama brethrens, Selfish & Tone Liv and also featuring a guest spot from up-coming MC, Butta Verses. This should definitely by in everyone collection and if you heard the album he did last year with producer extaordinaire Fluent called The Antique Black (CLASSIC!!!) which you can cop HERE, then you know that this dude can spit nice on the mic. The future looks bright for Decay and the Molemen and as long as they keep putting out dope releases like this then I'll continue to support them like I have been doing since the late 90's! Enjoy what will definitely be a top 10 contender for hip hop album of 2008!!!


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