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Drink Water music & Dela would like you to taste this appetizer "Atmosphere Airlines", a mixtape including remixes, exclusives and a few soundclick classics...featuring Large Pro, Apani & Blu...

01. Calling All Passengers
02. Can Can (feat. Reach)
03. Stakes Is High
04. Let Me Know (feat. Apani B)
05. The Bullshit
06. How To Fish (feat. Reach)
07. I Remember (feat. Supastition & Shamsya) (Remix)
08. Rosario Dawson
09. Fuck Money (feat. Enz & Tasco) (Remix)
10. Cheer (feat. Large Professor)
11. You Don't Stop
12. Mars (feat. Blu) (Remix)
13. Final Fantasy (feat. Brotha Soul)
14. It Is What It Is (feat. Kojoe)
15. Interlude (feat. Marie M & Brian Jackson)
16. I Say Peace (feat. J-Live)
17. Tomorrow Isn't Promised
18. Motown (feat. Finale)
19. Just Chill (feat. Torae & Mela Machinko)
20. La Bonne Attitude
21. Cheer (feat. Large Professor) (Nomak Remix)

We had to unfortunately take the link for his debut album Changes Of Atmosphere but to keep the buzz going for this dope French producer, we decided to post up the mixtape he released in France & Japan last year. Some ill music on here, check it out and give us some feedback.

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