Originally born in a military hospital in South America but raised in Harlem NYC, he is known as a true lyricist, a conceptual artist and a Revolutionary. Immortal Technique has toured the world, being praised in publications like XXL, The Source, The Washington Post, Allhiphop.com, even Playboy and even the URB magazine cover in Nov.2006. Now he has collaborated with world famous DJ Green Lantern (Sirius Satellite, DJ for JayZ) to mix Street Hip Hop with the vivid landscape of global struggle.

01. Death March feat. DJ Green Lantern (Produced By: DJ Green Lantern)
02. That's What It Is (Produced By: Spictacular)
03. Golpe De Estado feat. Veneno y Temperamento (Produced By: Southpaw Young Elite)
04. Harlem Renaissance (Produced By: DJ Green Lantern)
05. Lick Shots feat. Chino XL & Crooked I (Produced By: Southpaw Young Elite)
06. Apocrypha (Produced By: Sick Jacken)
07. The 3rd World (Produced By: DJ Green Lantern)
08. Hollywood Driveby feat. Psycho Realm & Sick Symphonies (Produced By: Shuko)
09. Reverse Pimpology feat. Mojo (Produced By: Metaphysics)
10. Open Your Eyes (Produced By: Mesone; Southpaw Young Elite)
11. Payback feat. Diabolic & Ras Kass (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth)
12. Adios Uncle Tom (Skit) (Produced By: Southpaw Young Elite; Immortal Technique)
13. Stronghold Grip feat. Poison Pen & Swave Sevah (Produced By: Buckwild)
14. Mistakes (Produced By: Scram Jones)
15. Parole (Evil Genius Mix) (Produced By: DJ Green Lantern)
16. Crimes Of The Heart feat. Maya Azucena (Produced By: Southpaw Young Elite)

Thought I'd do a re-up on this. Even though it's a mixtape/street album, it still stirred up a lot of debate with people automatically comparing it to his last to official albums. It took a while for it to grow on me, the commercial feel to a few tracks and the constant Green Lantern skits didn't help but over time you sort of adjust to the more polished sound because Tech still has that political mindset and always delivers his message with authority. You can never deny the man's skill and you have to appreciate his subject matter coz only a few can deliver it like he can and make you really site up and take notice. There are definitely a few bangers on here and without comparing it to his previous work, this is some dope shit! I mean, no album since 2003!!! Anything Tech drops now will be met with anticipation and excitement. I dig this now and definitely looking forward to his next official album, rumoured to be called The Middle Passage.


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NOTE: 2 Hidden Bonus Tracks On The Last Track

* Apocalypse Remix (feat. Poison Pen & Swave Sevah)
** Watchout Remix Rebel Arms (feat. J.Arch & Da Circle)