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Brought to you by Tajai's own label, the first solo album (finally!) by Oakland underground MC JC, Hiero & Living Legends affiliate with appearances on LL-Almost Famous, CMA-All Over, Pep Love-Foundation and more.

01 Intro
02 Shit Off My Chest
03 We Trend Settas feat. B.I
04 Strange Ways
05 You and Me
06 Game Goofy feat. Opio
07 Give Em The Business feat. Ty Stick
08 You Me and She feat. B. Ivey
09 100 Degrees feat. Pep Love & Ty Stick
10 White Chaulk feat. Casual, The Grouch & A-Plus
11 What Would You Do
12 Live Or Die feat. Pep Love & Ty Stick
13 Lay You Down
14 Radio Active Skit 1
15 Understand The Struggle feat. Scarub, Paul Datah & My Mama
16 Radio Active Skit 2
17 Let Thugs Be Thugs feat. Del The Funky Homosapien