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The newly formed trio of hip-hop heavy weights from the West Coast—Blackalicious's Gift of Gab, fellow Quannum compatriot Lateef the Truth Speaker and Bay Area producer Headnodic—release their debut collaboration, Dropping Science Fiction, on the other coast's Definitive Jux.

So how did three loosely related but certainly solo minded artists come together for a piece of superhero super stories? While going through tracks from Headnodic for his solo album, Lateef found enough desperately desirable tracks to make an entire album. Since Lateef and Gab had been talking about their own collaborative project for longer than Souljah Boy's been alive it just made good boom-bap sense.

With the three artists exhausted by hip-hop's penchant for taking itself too damn seriously, they broke rules like rules were going out of style and allowed songs to be everything from violent to, gasp, silly. Completing the convergence of powers is Definitive Jux head honcho El-P. Having toured the indie rap circuit with Gab and Lateef for more than a decade, it's a surprise that the three haven't combined forces before. Call it par for the course, because with the Mighty Underdogs, one can only expect the unexpected.

01. Monster
02. Hands In The Air
03. So Sad (feat. Julian & Damian Marley)
04. Gunfight (feat. MF Doom)
05. ILL Vacation (feat. Lyrics Born)
06. Science Fiction
07. Laughing At You (feat. Casual)
08. Escape (feat. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik)
09. Doglude
10. Folks
11. UFC Remix (Cuts by DJ Shadow)
12. Want You Back
13. Aye
14. War Walk (feat. Chali 2na, Raashan Ahmad, Tash & Zion)
15. Victorious


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