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Concept- Originally from the Fiji islands, currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand. A beat maker & DJ creating a sound reflecting the sometimes forgotten golden era of hip-hop, soul & jazz.

Mirage - Currently residing in Phoenixville PA USA, started rapping at the early age of twelve, heavily inspired by deep poetry, Mirage grew into Hip-hop naturally. Influenced by artists such as Nas & Common, he developed a unique style bringing back hip hop with meaning.

We came up with the title "Long Days & Long Nights" because of the long hours we put into the music, reflecting the big time difference between NZ & US... I was working all night while Mirage was working all day, vice versa.

01. Long Days Intro
02. Listen
03. Be True
04. In Control
05. Comin’ Close
06. Rebirth Instrumental
07. Gotta Change
08. The Surface
09. Freedom
10. Long Nights Outro

This album is serious, don't sleep!!!