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Scanz is an artist in every sense, taking control behind the boards with the same skill and precision he displays on the mic; carefully crafting each track, from chopping records, sequencing drums, playing keys, writing lyrics, all the way to recording and mixing. Scanz is also a beast on the stage, getting crowds hype alone or backed by a full band. He has shared the stage with KRS-One, Channel Live, Copywrite, DJ Premier, and many others.
Scanz’s work ethic involves much discipline and training, always feeling the need to push as hard as possible. As an emcee, Scanz is genuine, honest, and intelligent, balanced with a raw, refreshing style. Scanz strives to make timeless music, never comparing himself to anyone else, freeing himself of restrictions or standards.
Recently, he has finished his debut album “Prelude to a Legacy” which is being released digitally through Rawkus Records November 27th. Scanz was chosen as one of the Rawkus 50, a collective of artists that Rawkus has signed and dubbed the future of hip hop. He has also been producing and recording the next Channel Live project set for release later this year. His production credits include KRS-One, Monie Love, and Akrobatik (The Perceptionists), among many upcoming collaborations.

01. You Know The Deal
02. Don’t Front
03. Something New feat. Yasin
04. Choose Your Hustle feat. Akrobatik
05. Make It Happen
06. Like This
07. Feel It
08. Bigger Than Rap
09. A Dimepiece
10. Deep End
11. I Am Hip Hop
12. I Can Teach Ya

That's 21 Rawkus 50 albums now, only 29 more to go! Enjoy this release, one the best out the bunch!


Scanz - "Don't Front"

Scanz - "A Dimepiece"