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1/7th of Michigan Hip-Hop heroes The Athletic Mic League [AML] and 1/4th of production powerhouse The Lab Techs, is standing on the verge of something huge. He has been instrumental in boosting the careers of fellow crew members Buff1 and DJ Haircut (Stones Throw Records’ newest acquisition). Now that he’s produced pivotal tracks for nearly every notable Detroit Hip-Hop artist and beyond, released multiple albums with AML and toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, this Producer/Emcee/DJ is finally ready to expose the inner workings of his mind to the world. The Golden Hour serves as an introduction to the unorthodox genius of 14KT, and is the first of several solo full length albums already completed.

01. The Waiting Room (Main Theme)
02. Surgery
03. The Inside
04. NNE Mode
05. Ypsilanti
06. Hihatspectations
07. The D Light In You
08. Love Handle
09. Tick Tock Hustle
10. Ivory Pillars
11. ICU Smile
12. Can We? (Chill Again)
13. Trust Issues
14. When My Sunsets (The Golden Hour)
15. Less Than Enough
16. The Night
17. Reprise (Start Over)
18. Miss U. (4 Lost Loved Ones)
19. Without Dilla (Donut 2 Dilla Feb '06)
20. Illustrious (End Titles)