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After touring the world and blowing up stages with and without their L.A. Symphony crew, founding members, CookBook and UNO Mas are back with their latest musical escapade entitled "The Overflow"; a 14 song downloadable album full of tight flows, bangin’ beats, and memorable guest appearances! The L.A. duo is set to release their latest work as a free downloadable file on October 14th. That’s right F-R-E-E!!!!

The album will feature notable guest appearances from the likes L.A. Symph alumni Joey the Jerk, Vise Versa from the up-and-coming rap duo Deux Process, San Diego’s own Sojourn, the smooth and soulful Raquel Rodriguez, among others. The production is handled largely in-house by CookBook. Standout tracks include the grandiose "Always Shine", hard-hitting, "The Program", and the rock-tinged, "The Music".

From beginning to end, "The Overflow" is a collection of great songs and fresh subject matter that is sure to give L.A. Symphony and Cook & UNO fans exactly what they expect from a classic L.A.S. crew release, while drawing in new listeners worldwide.

1. The Music (feat. Sojourn) (4:06)
2. Always Shine (feat. DJ Activ8) (3:57)
3. Woah Is Me (3:59)
4. The Program (feat. Altered State) (3:48)
5. Championship Ring (feat. Vise Versa) (4:15)
6. Casa Bonita (feat. Kiz Charizmatic) (3:49)
7. Monie Love (feat. Joey the Jerk) (3:44)
8. Throwback (3:24)
9. In N Out (3:34)
10. Showtime (feat. DJ Wise) (3:14) 11. The Reason Why (feat. Raquel Rodriguez) (3:47)
12. One More Time (3:54)
13. Final Things (feat. Raquel Rodriguez) (4:42)
14. New Day (2:49)

The following link will take you to their Myspace blog where you can download the album for FREE!!!