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Return to Gotham. The five boroughs represented; precious few albums have been able to do so with authenticity. The Empire City redefined in sound and vision; still fewer records have been able to pull such a feat off. Except Postcards From The Third Rock goes deeper. On this album as it is in real life, New York City is a microcosm of planet Earth: an endless coil of movement along which dreams are crushed as matter-of-factly as they become true, and time is a primate fairytale, a molten pocket-watch in a Dali painting. LoDeck has been plying his trade steadily for the last decade via battles, cameos and a couple of albums that sent him into on-the-low cult status. But with Postcards From The Third Rock, he shifts the focus beyond his surroundings and trains a wide-lens camera on the big picture, rapping like a man who just woke up from a month-long out-of-body experience in the NYC subway system. And it's been a long time since we've heard an emcee and a produccer that compliment each other better than LoDeck and Omega One, who throws melodies that simultaneously manage to be psychedelic and really catchy over appallingly solid drumwork, giving Deck a platform on which he can pretty much go everywhere his stone heart desires, which he does, to the listening public's extreme enjoyment. Postcards From the Third Rock is 2008's official response to the phrase 'hip hop is dead.'

In the great tradition of Guru and DJ Premier, Aceyalone and RJD2, Madlib and MF DOOM, comes this collaborative effort between an MC and a top-notch producer. An escape from our contemporary urban world. A trip across the globe, from isolated Pacific islands and the streets of New York City, all the way to bars in Copenhagen. A collection of Earth Stories, both personal and global. Staring out the mundane windows of the 9-to-5 trap. Reflecting on past experiences over a vast landscape. A twisted vision of our decrepit planet, where a quiet moment can turn chaotic in an instant. Creating a new standard for intelligent hip hop, while bringing the multi-genre fan-bases of electronica and boom bap together.

1. Postcards From The Third Rock
2. No Rims
3. On A Path
4. A Day In The Triangle
5. Other Worlds (Interlude)
6. Wipe Out Zone
7. Nice Kids feat. Marq Spekt, Karneige & C-Rayz Walz
8. Understand U
9. New York (Interlude)
10. Shrimp
11. Still Cambodia feat. Jak Progresso
12. Maui
13. The Safari
14. Titanium feat. Invizzibl Men (Marq Spekt & Karneige)
15. Postcards From The Third Rock (Remix)