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01. No Love (Prod: White Lotus)
02. Splashin-N-Kaplowin Feat: Atlantis Scrolls (Prod: Atlantis Scrolls)
03. Sword Swivels Feat: Anabolic & Holocausto (Prod: Anabolic)
04. Spit Fire (UGHH.COM Entry)
05. Demented Waters Feat: Eridanus (Prod: White Lotus)
06. Ruff Patch (Prod: Anabolic)
07. Ahh Shit Freestyle (Prod: Atlantis Scrolls)
08. Blue Tiger Remix (Prod: Q-Money Beats)
09. Virtual Unreality Feat: King Djoser & Ace Gauntlit (Prod: Ace Gauntlit)
10. Rhyme Fabric Revolution Feat: White Lotus (Prod: Lyrical Revolution)
11. Golden Axe 2099 Remix Feat: Atlantis Scrolls (Prod: Atlantis Scrolls)
12. The Gaybot Slayer Freestyle (Prod: Atlantis Scrolls)
13. Crystal Sea of Blood Feat: White Lotus & Atlantis Scrolls(Prod: Skarekrow)
14. Sky Lab Artillery Crisis Feat: Crisis & Ace Gauntlit (Prod: Ace Gauntlit)
15. Nel Cosmos Feat: White Lotus (Prod: Snake Vs. Crane)
16. Every Day (Prod: White Lotus)
17. You Dont Know Me Feat 60 Second Assasian, Prodigal Sunn, Shorty Shit Stain & Irie (Prod: Dj Woool)
18. Apologies Feat: Ace Gauntlit (Prod: Ace Gauntlit)

Features Guests such as Prodigal Sunn (Sunz of Man), 60 Second Assasain(Sunz Of Man), Crisis (Black Knights), Shorty Shit Stain (Brooklyn Zoo), Irie (Zu Ninjas) + Beats & apperances by White Lotus, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls, KING DJOSER & featuring many other emcees from all over the globe.