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Project: F.E.T.U.S. is an album by rapper One Be Lo that was first released in 2002. Over half the album was recorded before the release of the Binary Star album Masters of the Universe in 2000. The original goal of the album was to press only 1000 copies for fans that wanted to hear anything from One Be Lo that was available but after those copies were sold in under 2 weeks they decided to press more. The LA Underground picked up the album and re-released it in 2003, releasing it under the name "OneBeLo aka OneManArmy" (originally labeled as just OneBeLo). The whole album was intentionally not mixed or mastered and is basically a compilation of rejected songs for the album L.I.F.E.

The acronym F.E.T.U.S. stands for "For Everyone That UnderStands".

01. Intro
02. Anybody
03. Lesson #1
04. Mic Check (Feat. Buff 1)
05. Dro (Feat. Magestik Legend)
06. Fast Food (Remix) (Feat. Magestik Legend, Decompoze & Illite)
07. Take It 2 Da Stage (Feat. Decompoze)
08. What Time Is It
09. Here And Now
10. Alphabet Soup
11. One Man's Mission (Feat. DJ Virus On The Cuts)
12. Waterworld
13. The Grinch That...
14. Sportz Illa
15. Candlestick
16. What It's All About (Remix)
17. Double Essay (S.S.A) (Feat. DJ Virus On The Cuts)
18. Freakin' Flowz
19. One Man Army (Remix)