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Aarophat is the first of a crop of up and coming artists to make himself known. Youngstown, Ohio’s premier lyricist has been writing and rhyming for as long as he can remember. He patterns himself after no one, but with a healthy respect for Hip-Hop greatness and quality emceeing reminiscent of legendary wordsmiths such as Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, Aaro’ has set out to blaze new trails and leave his mark on the game. While those around him were drawn into quick money schemes and the streets, Aarophat felt the pull of the pad, pen and the studio. Everything else became secondary. Resisting the traps of small town life, he has successfully cultivated a broad fan base in his hometown and across the world. Utilizing the internet as a tool, he has been featured on countless websites such as,, and On the strength of his talent alone, he has reached as high as number 2 on the charts and has been featured in publications such as Blaze Magazine, Rap Mag and Rap US magazine in France. Aaro’s evenly balanced, passive-aggressive lyricism allows him to feel equally at home rhyming over mid-tempo beats as he is riding a high powered track. He has proven himself to be a universally adept performer, able to appeal to audiences without sacrificing his underground credibility, or his creative process. Aarophat delivers the total package. He is equally convincing rhyming about topics such as Black on Black crime, suicide or male-female relationships, as he is with any other situation he encounters. His unique voice shines brighter than the bass and beat allowing listeners to feel what he has to offer. There are no gimmicks here, no elaborate production schemes hiding a lack of lyrical skill and no bubblegum illusions to be found. Aarophat has a style and presence that cannot be measured. He stands alone on the horizon of Hip-Hop, more than prepared to move mountains.

01. Man Made
02. Sun Move On
03. Lethal feat. No Joke
04. Live Our Life
05. Caramel
06. Demolition! Feat. Dolo
07. It's Hard
08. Presidential Gangsta (Intro)
09. Presidential Gangsta feat. Columbo Black & Akir
10. Get 'Em Up
11. Gotta Love A Classic feat. Ben Levels
12. U C Us
13. Don't Call My Name
14. Young Boy feat. Tay'uana
15. All Over feat. D-Flawles
16. The Procession

One of the best Rawkus 50 releases, don't sleep! Props to DJ Mickey Knox for the hook up!