A Philadelphia MC with his sights set on the top of the hip hop game. While some emcees are strictly studio and basic battle cats, Reef brings well-rounded talent to the table with formidable stage presence, skills of the pen and a ferocious freestyle ability. His bold new solo LP, A Vicious Cyle, will be released Fall of 2008. Reef The Lost Cauze stands to become one of this years breakthrough artists en-route to solidifying his spot among hip hop's elite.

01. Back At It (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
02. Pay-Per-View (Produced By The Beatills)
03. Problem (Produced By Stress The White Boy)
04. I Wonder (Produced By Marco Polo)
05. Thug Fantasy (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
06. I Ain't No Rapper (Produced By Brods)
07. Big Deal (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
08. Not That Easy Ft. Ethel Cee (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
09. Listen To Me (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
10. Get It? Got It? Good (Produced By MTK)
11. Upside Down Ft. Scandal of 40D & Eternia (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
12. Gone Ft. King Magnetic & Termanology (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
13. Amnesia (Produced By The Beatills)
14. Nat Turner (Produced By The Unknown Soldier)
15. Bad Lieutenant (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
16. When You Get Free Ft. Wil Guice (Produced By Stress The White Boy)
17. Home (Produced By MTK)
18. Still I Rise Ft. Taragirl (Produced By Eyego/Direct)
19. Listen To Me (J.J. Brown Remix)
20. Get It? Got It? Good (J.J. Brown Remix)

Could this be the best hip hop album of the 2008? it could well be!!!