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01. Intro
02. The Arrival
03. Heart Breakers
04. Soul
05. Caterpillars Cocoon
06. What Matters
07. All In
08. For The Wax
09. Stomps To The Summit
10. Incoming Message
11. Street Runners
12. Lion’s Heart (Remix)
13. The Last Word Heard

Son of Ran on the rhymes, The Messangers on the beats, dope shit right here, don't sleep!

We're not posting this on the blog for good reason, if you know how we do then you know where it'll be. With that said, this is a definite must have album. As with the Cymarshall Law album, I was blown away when I first heard this. We all know about the big guns in the world of underground hip hop and this year is no different with the likes of Reef, Reks, Almighty, JMT and other heavy hitters dropping dope albums but every now and again there'll be an album that comes out with no real known label backing and little promotion that really surprises you... like the aforementioned album by Cy Law and the other recent release, I-Disciple - The Compass. This is one of those such albums and this is why I actively make the effort to promote these artists and hope that people that didn't know anything about them will discover more ill hip hop like this.

Anyway, below is some exclusive tracks you can check out or download, should you decide to buy the album, you can do that directly from either of the 2 myspace links below for the nice price of $12 or roughly £8 for the UK heads... this is where your money should be going, no matter if or when it gets leaked or you can cop it for free, trust me, it always feels good when you know your money is going towards buying quality hip hop like this. Enjoy my choice for ALBUM OF THE WEEK!!!

Peep the album sampler:

Listen/Download: Incoming Message Sampler

Here's 3 exclusive cuts from the album:

Listen/Download: Heart Breakers
Listen/Download: For The Wax
Listen/Download: Incoming Message


Son of Ran MySpace
The Messangers MySpace