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Funky DL returns with his all new album…

Funky DL’s 4th Quarter album epitomizes the essence of quality hip-hop. It takes no prisoners and quenches every possible thirst of the true rap music lover in ways that can only be un-described in comparison to other hip-hop albums currently stalking the commercial arena. With guest features from Jazz Funk Genius Xantoné Blacq, Turntable Legend DJ Kofi and newcomers Lei-an and Dukus Alemay, this long player delivers track after track.

Consisting of 12 nail-biting tracks, the album is divided over four quarters with each quarter distinct in its own theme. The Soul (1), New Age (2), Jazz (3) and Authentic (4) Quarters complete this amazing set in an age where commercial modesty and grunge type aggression seem to dominate hip-hop.
The 4th quarter liberates and emancipates everything once great about hip-hop that was unjustly lost… True hip-hop is back…

1. The Soul Quarter Intro
2. Love, Honesty & Discipline
3. Nicole featuring Xantoné Blacq
4. Danger featuring Dukus Alemay
5. The New Age Quarter Intro
6. Scratchin’ My Head
7. Watchin’ The World
8. The Bump
9. The Jazz Quarter Intro
10. International featuring DJ Kofi
11. I Love…
12. Pay Check featuring Lei-an
13. The Authentic Quarter Intro
14. Taking Rap Back
15. The 3 Minute Preview
16. Play
17. The 4th Quarter Outro