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Hip Hop is not dead, it"s just hard to find. Luckily for those interested in a real approach to music there are still artists who put quality before quantity. First discovered for his production work on Lightheaded"s "Pure Thoughts" LP, Muneshine has successfully built a strong following domestically and overseas. Known both for his production and emceeing, he has collaborated with artists such as: Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, DJ Spinna, Little Brother, Punchline & Wordsworth, Louis Logic, Grap Luva and many more.

With a long list of production and remix credits, Muneshine has now returned with an elaborate collection of Hip Hop instrumentals. Focusing mostly on jazz, soul and funk influences, "A Walk In The Park" is an album reminiscent of BBE"s early "Beat Generation" series. If classic composition and spectacular sample selection are essential to your listening experience, Muneshine"s "A Walk In The Park" is for you.

01. Threshold
02. Keep Keeping On
03. Intergalactic
04. Interlude One
05. Love Is Love
06. Worldwide
07. A Walk in the Park
08. Interlude Two
09. Bon Jour
10. Four Seasons
11. You Have To
12. Interlude Three
13. Humble Pie
14. Emerald Bracelet
15. To The Beat
16. So Be It feat. Raks One (aka Emilio rojas) & Realson


Check the latest video from Munshine's debut album "Status Symbol" called "Globetrotters" (Prod. by M-Phazes)