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FMania: The Best of. comes with a bonus CD that includes an 80-minute blend of the greatest and rarest PackFM tracks including his very first recorded track ever "Hit List" - all on one disc!

01. Great God
02. Spell It With A K
03. Spit In The Wind
04. Down And Out Freeverse
05. Fear Feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session
06. Killa Freeverse
07. Click Clack (Gettin Up Remix)
08. Most High Feat. Blitzkrieg, GMS, Kameel-Yen, Mr. Mecca, Pumpkinhead, Substantial & Tonedeff
09. Gang Green Feat. Pumpkinhead & Blitzkrieg
10. Dont Call Me Feat. Session, Pumpkinhead & Mr. Mecca
11. Plucking Daisies
12. Suzie
13. Halftime Radio Session
14. 2006 Preview
15. I Cant Win Remix
16. Get Live Feat. Tonedeff, Mr. Mecca & Session
17. Backpack
18. Line Drop Feat. Extended Famm
19. Fuck You Mean Feat. Slug & Brother Ali
20. Sky’s The Limit Feat. Substantial & Mr. Mecca
21. Stomp Remix Feat. Bad Seed, Copywrite, Poison Pen, Archrival & Sean Price
22. Stomp
23. Hit List Intro (Bonus Track)
24. Hit List (1998) (Bonus Track)


Make sure you check the video blow for the "N*gga Pass" Skit from his "whutduzFMstand4?" album. The skit itself is mad funny and who'd of thought they'd end up making a cartoon video for it! Check it out...

"N*gga Pass"