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The Bay Area's (not Toronto's) Prince Ali gets a major solo release push from Hieroglyphics Imperium! As he is constantly dissatisfied with some of the music that is getting more play from the Bay these days, Prince Ali refuses to conform and drops a diversified album full of melodic rhymes and rhythms over hard hitting tracks like "The Majors" with Planet Asia, Casual and Keith Murray, to space-y vibes like "Side Show". For fans of Bored Stiff's From the Ground Up and featuring a slew of other Hiero cameos from A-Plus, Tajai and Pep Love.

01. The Marquee
02. Way Of The Warrior
03. The Path (East Bay Remix) Ft Rakaa Iriscience and Pacific
04. Whom Im Being
05. Floating Lotus
06. Side Show
07. 3 Kings Ft Pacific Sonz
08. California Cliff Notes Ft Pep Love
09. The Majors Ft Casual Planet Asia and Keith Murray
10. Honor Code
11. The Building (Interlude)
12. Stay Chopped
13. War Wounds Ft James Monroe Iglehart
14. Same Struggle
15. The Soiree
16. Coordinate Israh
17. Hug Doves Ft Roy Butterfields Project
18. Breach Birth Ft A-Plus and Tajai
19. Iron Clad Ft J2
20. Polyphonic Monarchs Ft Planet Asia


"The Majors" feat. Keith Murray, Casual & Planet Asia