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Reef The Lost Cauze is a Philly mic slayer on a mission. While some emcees are strictly studio and others are mostly battle emcees, Reef is a pure hybrid. He is a proven battle champion who shines even greater in the studio and on stage performing. Reef teamed up with accomplished Philly producer/ DJ Stress the White Boy to make his newest release, The Stress Files. The Stress Files is a 23 track recording documenting Reef's amazing abilities. This record features 12 studio tracks recorded and produced by Stress, as well as 11 live tracks recorded during a live performance in which Reef & Stress tore down Southpaw in Brooklyn, NYC. This record truly showcases Reef's studio and songwriting skills and the intense energy of his live performances.

01. So Sharp
02. Return Of The Champ
03. Knock ‘Em Out The Box
04. Just A Man
05. Afghan Green
06. Fuck You Talking To?
07. Up Late
08. Stick ‘Em Up
09. Monsters Inc.
10. Sweet Nothings
11. Beatrice
12. Problems (Stress REMIX)
13. Str8 Outta Philly (Live)
14. The Sound Of Philadelphia (Live)
15. Back At It (Live)
16. Bury Em In My Back Yard (Live)
17. Problems! (Live)
18. Knock ‘Em Out The Box (Live)
19. Squeeze Freestyle (Live)
20. The Puzzle (Live)
21. Commander In Chief (Live)
22. Crillz (Live)
23. Give It Up (Live)

This album is baaaad!! Reef rips apart every single track and the beats are bangin right through! A Vicious Cycle is my favourite album of 2008, no doubt about that and this albums just builds his rep even further, well done Reef on a very successful year!