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Global Awareness Entertainment and Universal Indie Records have teamed up to bring you the The Schmagilla Incident, the debut album by Scholarly Pursuits.

This first studio album represents a combination of strong passion and artistic creativity. The Schmagilla Incident is at it's most powerful when experienced as a single audio experience, taking the listener on a enlightening sonic journey.

It is an original project pairing poetic lyricism with bass-filled, emotion-driven beats.
The Freshman release by Scholarly Pursuits shows why they are at the top of their class.

01. The Incident
02. One Big Schmagilla
03. Veteran's Day
04. Underrated Underground
05. Here We Come feat. RC
06. Talent For The Talentless feat. RC
07. Lucky Number 7
08. Groove Theory
09. Flawed Perfection
10. Cynicism Is Bliss feat. Gregory Allen
11. Remember The Time
12. Our Philosophy
13. Music Mentality feat. Gregory Allen
14. The Place To Be
15. When Tomorrow Ends


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