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After several years, Smoothe Da Hustler has returned with a brand new album, Violenttimes Day on S.M.G. Records, which hit the streets on February 14th, 2008. The album is a street leak album which features guest appearances from partners in rhyme, Trigger Tha Gambler and DV Alias Khryst.

Smoothe had been missing from the game for quite some time due to prior label obligations and personal mishaps, but unknowingly fans didn't have to wait long to hear more material from the artist. Through the art of ghostwriting, Smoothe's spirit was still present on some of your favorite rapper's albums.

Smoothe's last official album, Once Upon A Time in America, was released in 1995 and became a monster hit, earning the Hustler a gold certification with 500,000+ albums sold. The momentum of his underground smash, "Broken Language", erupted the airwaves and music video channels at a time when record labels frowned upon the marketability of hardcore songs.

Violenttimes Day, as strategically planned, dropped on the day of love and was a lyrical delivery of a microphone centered in dead roses. When asked about his inspiration, Smoothe had these words to offer, "I was just tired of the 'same' industry of music. Valentine's Day is a day everybody is supposed to be celebrating love. The game ain't got no love! So, it's Violenttimes Day."

The title track lives up to its name as Smoothe serves up a lyrical slaughter; even administering a few blows to a well known emcee for hustler infringing. The first single, "About My Bread", is already buzzing and being embraced by the Hip Hop community.

01. Violenttimes Day
02. Brooklyn (I'm From NY)
03. Nothin's Gonna Stop Me
04. Way Back (Pioneer Tribute)
05. Pay Up
06. Street Shit feat. D.V. Alias Khryst
07. Put It On Your Bitch
08. Paper Chasin'
09. Lay Ur Troubles Down
10. About My Bread
11. All Day
12. Rap Game feat. Trigger Tha Gambler
13. Heartbreaker
14. Home Of The Brave