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Apollo Brown
In Cleveland by way of Detroit City, i'm in my second childhood. I go by the moniker of Apollo Brown. I produce songs, not "beats". I'm not a fan of commercial music, can you even call it hip hop anymore? I love grittiness in my sound, a little static is even better, and I firmly believe that the starving artist is the best artist. Creating habitually good music for about 8 or 9 years now, I've seen alot, heard alot, met alot, and haven't been impressed with alot. It's just me and my ear, my ear and my music. I've produced for alot of cats who's names i'll leave blank for now but currently working on some Producer/Emcee collectives around the way in and outside of Detroit. I concentrate on making the type of sound that "I" like, the sound from my favorite era of hip hop, 1991-1996. In my 28 years of age, my mood changes, and I create whatever comes to mind. I don't have much to say so I speak through music that I call "wordless testimony". Whether grimy, hard, or feel good music, my shit is gonna speak to you. And 10 times out of 10, you're gonna wanna speak back in some way, shape, or form. Yeah, I guess it does sound cocky, but being that I'm my number one critic, I guess i'll hold the title as being my number one fan. I like to sample any and everything that grabs me. I like to chop, cut, and filter samples to make my own melodies. I hate "keyboard beats" with a passion! I make music to incite the scrunch face and the natural headknod motion, NO, I don't want you to dance. I make music to provoke the talented MC's thought process, not his woman's new 2 step. Everyone is so concentrated on money and material now days, they forgot about "movement". Take it how you will. What about good music? Substance? Talent and hard work? Back to "The Vintage Movement"!

01. Intro - Work
02. Migrate
03. Substance
04. Hold Me Down
05. Down There
06. We Almost Lost Detroit (RIP. J Dilla)
07. Shivers Down My Spine
08. Way Back
09. Legend
10. Spoiled Coffee
11. The Turning Key
12. What You Need
13. Ninety-two (Gone)
14. Without Jan (Mom)
15. Can It Be
16. Invisible
17. To My Establishment
18. Press Ya Luck
19. Custom
20. From One To Won
21. Empty World
22. Poverty's Pair Of Dice
23. The Squeeze
24. Born On Halloween
25. Passin' Time
26. The Question
27. My Steelo (Check My Credentials)
28. Too Much
29. Bang Bang
30. Outro - Change

Some sick beats right here, on that vintage soulful vibe. If you dig this, dude got a new instrumental album dropping real soon called "Make Do" so make sure you check his myspace for more info on that! Enjoy this bangin' beat album and props to our homie Will for puttin me on to this guy.

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