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Unlike the mostly NY-centric focus by other DJs, Babu has always made sure his West Coast peers get equal time. While NY stalwarts like Talib Kweli ("Raise the Bar"), KRS-One ("Underground"), and Gang Starr ("Deadly Habits") are in the mix, so are the Bay Area's Planet Asia ("Right or Wrong") and L.A.'s Chace Infinite ("Do For Self"), Defari ("Behold My Life" remix), and of course, Dilated Peoples, who pop up three times, most effectively on Rakaa's solo joint, "Ends to Means." Duck Season 2 is markedly consistent in sound and pacing, which, on one hand, bespeaks Babu's expert mixing skills. However, it'd also be nice to hear Babu reach out more, beyond just the underground independent world, and diversify the sound of his mix-CD with different kinds of artists besides certified mic rippers. Duck Season 2 preaches effectively to the choir, but Babu could stand to get his message to a bigger congregation too.

01. Intro
02. Raise The Bar (Feat. Talib Kweli)
03. Street (Feat. A.G.)
04. Do For Self (Feat. Chace Infinite)
05. The Official (Feat. Jaylib)
06. Ends To Means (Feat. Rakaa-Iriscience)
07. Elevate, Build & Create (Feat. Phil Da Agony)
08. Serious (The New Message) (Feat. 1st Infantry & Prodigy)
09. Live From Defcon (Skit) (Feat. Defari, Phil Da Agony, Krondon & Planet Asia)
10. Behold My Life (Remix) (Feat. Defari & Dilated Peoples)
11. Right Or Wrong (Feat. Planet Asia)
12. Time To Rep (Feat. Medaphoar, Oh No & Wildchild)
13. Think Fast (Feat. Infamous Mobb)
14. The Big Duck Hunt (Skit) (Feat. Dilated Peoples)
15. Deadly Habitz (Feat. Gang Starr)
16. The Song (Feat. Krondon)
17. I Got This (Feat. Likwit Junkies)
18. Underground (Feat. KRS-One)
19. Booyakah (Click Click) (O.G. Version) (Feat. Sly Boogie)
20. Outro (Feat. Rhettmatic, J. Rocc & Melo-D)

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