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Born in New York City, raised in its public school system during the city's infamous '80's crack epidemic, Double AB, indeed has a story to tell. "Growing up in New York you're exposed to all these different characters and situations," AB explains. "I want my music to reflect all the different sides of my personality and the city i grew up in...'cause one directly affected the other."

An MC since age eleven, Double AB slowly built a reputation for rocking the mic at local parties and small time venues. By his teenage years he had garnished the interest of radio stations and national publications. In the fall of '98 Double AB's demo came into the hands of those who worked for Blaze Magazine, a subsidiary of Vibe. Impressed, they quickly invited AB to compete in their next "Blaze Battle", hip-hop's premiere MC battle venue at the time. Entering as a nobody, he left with respect as one of four semi-finalists, defeating some of underground rap's most beloved heroes to get there. Double AB fielded several offers from labels that night, and was even invited back a year later for Blaze's "Best of the Best" battle, where he again impressed the crowd by putting more battle victories under his belt. In the spring of '01 he was invited by MTV to battle two competitors at once in the live Direct Effect freestyle battle. Viewed by millions the appearance brought notoriety to Double A, for his slick metaphors and dead on hilarious punch lines. AB would return to MTV in battle mode once again, appearing in the network's first ever large scale MC battle, in late may '03. Out of the whopping 1000 competitors, AB used his wit and seasoned battle experience to earn himself a spot in the top 10 MC's. Having proved his ability in the battle arena Double AB devoted the rest of his time to making songs.

Weary of record label politics, he Released his first full length album, "New York Minute", in 2002 on his own label imprint, which went on to sell a few thousand copies. For his next release he teamed with Bronx bred producer/DJ/rapper Scram Jones, known for his production work for artists such as Notorious B.I.G., The Clipse, Mariah Carey and Lloyd Banks, just to name a few. Scram agreed to host AB's '05 mixtape, "Blazed & Amused", which featured guest spots from underground legends such as Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Dom Pachino of Wu-Tang's Killarmy, and Hangar 18. Talk to any Double AB fan. He will confirm that once hooked on AB's music it's impossible not to fiend for more. And Double AB's lyrical intoxicant gets more and more potent with every batch. Word.

01. NY Minute
02. All Day Long
03. Late At Night
04. Game Of Chess
05. Remember The Times
06. Drunk Or High
07. Apology
08. Foul Rap
09. Phony Wrestlers
10. Man Who’s Trapped
11. Hurt Again
12. Theme Song
13. Heart vs Mind
14. After The Light

This is Double A.B.'s first release, completely independent and sold literally out the trunk of his car. If you heard his brilliant second album "The Diesel" which was released last year, then you know this cat got mad skills so don't sleep on this little gem, it's ill as fuck so please show some support for this guy!!!

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