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Detroit, Michigan MC, RideOut, first caught my attention with his Gil Scott-Heron laced song, Ways to Lose Detroit. He recently sent over his mixtape from a few months ago that never made its rounds on the blogosphere, until today. Call Me RideOut: The Mixtape is a 31-track introduction to one of Detroit’s most talented rising stars. RideOut covers a wide range of subjects, self depricating stories, and hip hop styles, while featuring guest spots from Illogic, Buff1, Ill Poetic, and Tanya Morgan.

Click the flipside for the tracklisting + download and get yourself familiar with RideOut.

01. Kill Shullbit (intro) (prod. Digital Ghost)
02. This Is The Biz
03. Move (remix) (w/ Ill Poetic, Illogic, Skandal Da Rucks Man, and Don Will)
04. Hell Yeah
05. Been A Long Time
06. Get Involved (w/ Black Reign and Ohkang)
07. Mean And Vicious
08. I Blogged Your Mom (interlude)
09. I Wanted You So (Live Verse)
10. U And Me (w/ Marvelous and Wes Blizy)
11. Love Would Come
12. Ya Moms (interlude)
13. We On It (feat. 3rd Deggree and Clokwise of F.O.S.)
14. Beat It Up (feat. IlWill aka Ilyas and Don Will of Tanya Morgan)
15. Clock With No Hands (feat. Skandal Da Ruckus Man and Ilyas of Tanya Morgan)
16. Hate Us (feat. CJ The Cynic)
17. Call Me Rideout (interlude)
18. The City (w/ SoundScape)
19. Respect Her Gangster (interlude) (feat. Miss Nelson)
20. Giving Love
21. Nobody (by F.O.S. ft. Tres Styles of AML)
22. I Choose U (By SuMyia)
23. PlayHerNot
24. Rideout’s Relief
25. Kleph, Trew, And Ride (feat. Kleph Dollars and Trew)
26. We Takin’ Over (feat. F.O.S. and Buff1 of AML)
27. I’m Out (feat. Ill Poetic)
28. Young Lil’ Big Boyz (interlude)
29. Sneakin’ (Let Me In!) (By Young Lil’ Big Boyz)
30. Young Ride And Deelah Hippo Outro
31. Bloopers

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Props again to Flawless Hustle for the link!
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