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The name Soul The Interrogator may only be hanging on the lips of Seattle residents at the moment, but get ready for a record that will launch this underground rapper to the level of Michael Jackson and the artist formerly known as Prince; well, not quite.

However, Prawdukt is an honest and transparent account of a man’s journey through a rough life and how he views his past, present, and future. With bangin’ tracks from such legendary producers as: Bean One, Smoke of Oldominion, Isaac Meek, Apoulo, and Nickels, this album guarantees to have an emotional pull as well as an ear pounding, chest caving, nose bleeding and a forever memorable sound.

Soul The Interrogator explodes onto the international scene with his debut release and a fist full of confidence, so if you see him at one of his performances, get ready to be enveloped into a world unique to not only him, but anyone else who has ever struggled to make it. His ability to relate to his audience and his reliance upon Christ as his strength is unprecedented and can easily be heard in every song.

If you’re tired of the typical rap album, then listen to Prawdukt and watch Soul The Interrogator change the game forever.

01. Intro (Produced by Nickels)
02. Game Face (Produced by Apoulo)
03. Duck Down feat. Grynch (Produced by Pretty Boi)
04. Me vs. The Devil (Produced by Bean One)
05. Anatomical Minds feat. Josh Donnell (Produced by Smoke of Oldominion)
06. Prawdukt (Produced by Apoulo)
07. Supercede feat. Petty P. (Produced by Nickels)
08. Soap Opera (Produced by Nickels)
09. Been Waitin’ feat. Jazz Digga (Produced by Bean One and Isaac Meek)
10. Run
11. Haterville (Produced by CNIK)
12. Swagtacular feat. Celine Gorski (Produced by Smoke of Oldominion)
13. What Happened (Produced by Nickels)
14. The Ropes feat. Indijinis (Produced by CNIK)
15. Why Is It So Hard? Feat. Nickels, Kap II (Produced by Nickels)

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Definitely make sure you pick this project up. Not only will you be buying some of the best hip-hop around, you’ll also feed starving children and help free slaves all around the world (literally!). Proceeds from this album go to,, and

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