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01. Intro
02. Supa (Prod. Max I Million)
03. There’s Nothing (Prod. Kryptonite)
04. Venom(Prod.DJ Evcellence)
05. Funktions (Prod. Sci Fi)
06. Hibernation (Prod. Sci Fi)
07. Everybody (Prod. Euphony)
08. Invisible Men (Prod.Vans Cal)
09. Thunderball (Prod.Kryptonite)
10. Complex Fury(Prod. 12 Bit)
11. Antidote (Prod.DJ Evcellence)
12. Once Upon (Prod.Euphony)
13. Kryptonite(Prod.Kryptonite)
14. Make Em Jump Remix (Prod. LL Cool Bee)
15. Empty Bags Of Munchies (Prod. Lalone)
16. Rainy Day (Prod. Kryptonite)
17. Sewn (Prod. Vans Cal)
18. Elixr Of Life (Prod. Vans Cal)
19. Hibernation Remix (Prod. Vans Cal)
20. Outro (Prod. Kryptonite)

If you peeped their album Trapeze, which was an amazing piece of work, you should definitely check this out, before the mentioned album and the string of mixtapes and free albums they also released in 2008, this is the album that first got them noticed! Unbelievably they are still relatively unknown so I implore you to check this album out and all their free material on myspace and make sure you cop the Trapeze album because it's a classic!

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