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The White Shadow has aproximately forty releases in his Discography. In 2001 he produced D-Stroy, formerly of the group Arsonists', first solo single "Roll Out" on Matador records that was number one on the CMJ chart, which is American college and online-radio, and beat well established artists such as Redman and Hi-Tek on that chart, and it was also number one on the top forty for months, and recieved out of this world reviews. White Shadow followed that with another underground classic in 2002 by producing a 12" called "Leisure" for Philly MC Maylay Sparks featuring Grand Agent, Louis Logic, and Malik B from The Roots. "Leisure" was released on the label B9000 in Belgium, and distributed by Grooveattack in Germany.

After the EP The White Shadow took some time out to produce and scratch on other artists releases, and in 2003 - 2005 he produced tracks for three Maylay Sparks albums: "A Legend In My Own Mind" (City Connections - Norway), "Greymatter" (BBE/Rapster - Germany), and "The Ill Collabo" (Sony / BMG - Germany), two albums for the local Milwaukee /Minneapolis acts Strange Brew, and The Pizdamen, as well as tracks for Infinito 2017 from Chicago, the Tampa / Florida MC Majik Most's album and DVD "Molesting Hip Hop", and did cuts and co production with producer Illmind, now signed to G-Unit, on North Carolina MC Supastition's "Chain Letters" album on Soulspazm / Rawkus records.

On December first 2005 The White Shadow's official debut album "Renegades" was released on Uncut Productions with fifteen tracks featuring twenty five of the best independent MC's from the USA including Supastition, J-Zone, Celph Titled, Majik Most, Mic Stylz, Raks One,The Longshots, Grand Agent, and many more. The album has been praised by fans and the underground Hiphop press worldwide.

01. Renegades (Intro)
02. Action (Feat. Supastition And Raks One)
03. Solid (Feat. Maylay Sparks)
04. Hip Hop Is Me (Feat. Infinito 2017)
05. No Sell Out (Feat. Mic Stylz And The Pizdamen)
06. Extra Thug Sauce (Feat. Guttamouf, Majik Most And Celph Titled)
07. Pimp Strut (Feat. The Rusty P's And The Pizdamen)
08. When Facts Remain (Feat. Infinito 2017)
09. Plans To Blow (Feat. Grand Agent)
10. Roll Out #2 (Ruff Original) (Feat. D-Stroy And Gr8 Skot)
11. For The People (Feat. Wordsworth And Strange Brew)
12. Extra Thug Sauce (J-Zone Remix)(Feat. J-Zone, Guttamouf, Majik Most)
13. El In Tune With Nature (Feat. Infinito 2017)
14. Simple (Feat. Azeem And The Architech)
15. Glock Whore (Uncut Version)(Feat. The Longshots)