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A.P. was born in Southbridge, Massachusetts where an uncle who was then living with A.P. in his mothers basement, taught him about the hip hop movement of the eighties and early nineties. He introduced the young A.P. to all four elements of hip hop; break dancing, DJing, emceeing, and graffiti. Both the music and culture became part of A.P.’s everyday lifestyle. From that early age, A.P.’s uncle was constantly pushing him to join the freestyle sessions and from the very first one he joined he proved to have a great talent for rhyming. Although only in its infant stage, things were coming along. He started writing non stop and even joined with a local like minded mc by the name of HAZE. A.P. continuously wowed people at parties and ciphers alike. When he moved to Worcester, MA after quitting his college football team, he decided this rhyming talent needed to reach its potential more than just rhyming for friends and the occasional cipher. With no beats coming from any outside sources, he decided to learn make beats himself and spent the next 3 years honing his beat making skills. Finally, he could go to a studio with original beats and lyrics. From then on, he has sold and made beats for many local artists and done many shows around New England, always remembering the essence of the culture in each word and verse. That same culture that was taught to him at an early age by his uncle in the basement of his mother’s house.

01. How Its Supposed To (Prod. LG)
02. Music Machine (Prod. LG)
03. The Movement (Prod A.P.)
04. Know The Ledge (Prod. Vanderslice)
05. When Im Around (Prod. DJ Manipulator)
06. It Dont Stop (Prod. DJ Manipulator)
07. Ill Be Here (Prod L.G)
08. Running The Show (Prod. A.P.)
09. Coal To A Diamond (Prod. LG)
10. What I Felt (Prod. A.P.)

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