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The debut album from Audible Mainframe, a live hip-hop band formed in Boston in 2003, now living in Southern California.

Framework finds the fledgling band recording together for the first time, supporting MC Exposition's poetic observations of life in the new millenium. The band had barely been together a year, when they won the 2003 Beantown Meltdown Battle of the Bands, and simultaniously scored a recording deal with college label Emerson Records.

By this time, MC Expo, already a respected lyricist in the local scene, had released his debut album "The Metro" to critical acclaim across the East Coast and beyond. Creating a live band to take the music to the stage seemed like the logical next step.

Coupled with the unique beats of The D-Boyz (DJ MUTT and guitarist Lethal D), the songs found on "The Metro" comprised the new band's live set, until the group was offered a 3-month period of time to write, record, mix, and master the album that would become Framework.

The hectic pace aside, the album came together smoothly, with the band and some friends from the Boston music scene spending the first two months of 2004 in the same studio that houses the venerable college music station, 88.9fm WERS.

Released in the spring of 2004, "Framework" debuted at number 14 on the College Music Charts, and opened many doors for Audible Mainframe, who would go on to become one of Boston's most noteworthy live hip-hop groups.

With featured guests such as Boston emcee Reks, singer Kelli Scarr (formerly of Moonraker), Toussaint the Liberator (formerly of Soulive), and a 5-piece DJ collective known as "The Deck Demons", Framework has something for everyone.

01. Das Kapital
02. 1000 Lives (feat. Viveca)
03. Absolutely Audible
04. Digital Cafe (feat. Viveca)
05. In the City (feat. Reks)
06. The Clout pt. 2
07. Deck Demons Interlude
08. Nobody’s Nomad (feat. Toussaint)
09. Figure it out
10. Be Quiet
11. See the Light (feat. Kelli Scarr of Moonraker)
12. Caffiend

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