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01. Self I Am Intro feat. Ashez The Poet
02. Self I Am
03. Test One
04. Raise Up feat. Rice The Sound Transmitter (Prod: Natestrumental aka Diggz)
05. Someway Somehow
06. Ode To the Populus
07. Speech
08. The Shoutro (Interlude)
09. Brushin' It Off
10. Worldwide feat. ONE (of Audio Ink) & Solar C (of Gill Breathin)
11. One Hit Wonder feat. Shuanise
12. Steady Travelin
13. You Know It's About (Prod: Dibiase)
14. LUV
15. Test Two

Second collab album, this time pairing beatmaker Elaquent with Bhon of Audio Ink. More of a chilled out vibe on this one. Make sure you check Elaquent's other collab album with mc, Introspect!

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