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This was actually a series started by Blu a couple of years back. He put out a 5 song release called the C.O.R.E and I thought the concept was brilliant. Sene followed up Blu’s release with his own Mixtape entitled “Elevator Music” under the imprint of the C.O.R.E series. As an artist I wanted to present something that I felt not only showed my strongest points as an artist, but also where I have grown and evolved style wise. Some songs, like “Can’t I” are representations of a younger more energetic me, when I really didn’t have a full grasp of my cadence and my lyricism was slightly more simplistic. Song like “These R the Days” and “One day” almost put me in a nostalgic state when I listen to them, because I wrote those songs at very intense periods of my life. Almost every song of the Tape represents a significant phase or point of growth in my life, not necessarily the content of each song, but the time period in which each song was recorded.

Tomorrow is what I want to give you, the future of hip-hop, and Yesterday is what makes me who I am today. So listen to this with an open mind. I was not going for perfection, I want heads to see where I’ve been content wise, styles I’ve experimented with, and hopefully by the time I release my LP they know and understand who I’am, and what I represent. Thanx for all the love and support. C$$ is C$US…

01. Esemdee Intro
02. TwoPieceFree (Esemdee)
03. Word Is Born (Fonetik Simbol)
04. Homage (Aime Caine 4 Spaceshipstatus)
05. Undivine (Fonetik Simbol)
06. Matrix (Rthentic)
07. Be Like You (Terem)
08. Freewayz (Rockwell)
09. UpFromDaBottom (Still Philosophy)
10. These R The Dayz (Zin)
11. One Day (God Lee Barnes)
12. Out There (God Lee Barnes)
13. Pass That (God Lee Barnes)
14. MoshPit (God Lee Barnes)
15. Spazmatic (God Lee Barnes)
16. Cheesin (Alphabet 4)
17. Can’t I (Exile)
18. None Greater (SnowMan)
19. Dopemines (DJ Rhettmatic)
20. Madness (T-Nasty)
21. On Da Stro (Esemdee)
22. Esemdee Outro

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