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01. Intro: Slavery
02. Rebel Music
03. Article One
04. High Science
05. One Harmony
06. House-Pitality
07. Oh! Baby
08. Way Of Life
09. Baby Girl
10. Take Ya Time
11. Same Ol' Thugs
12. Project Love
13. Who Gonna Die Next?
14. Angel Tears
15. We Can Do That Too
16. Underground To Da Heavens
17. Don't Hate It
18. Pimpology
19. R.A.Z.A.H.
20. We The People

Second full length release from Razah, this time bringin along 4th Disciple to create the backdrop for the whole album, a political and highly slept on album, this was classed as a classic in the following years after it's release. If you ain't heard it yet, what you waitin for??!!

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