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Since the tender age of 3, Delbert Hunt III has been in love with music. He bounced from instrument to instrument, never really choosing which one to continue. He realized that the instrument he loved the most was the microphone, and he began writing rhymes in 6th grade. 7 years later, here he stands. His group with fellow Naperville rapper Sey, Suburban Eloquence, continues to make great music, going so far as to raise their own money to put their album, Revolution, on iTunes. Soon, Master 3 will drop his solo effort, Women & Music. In his own words, "women and music are all I ever cared about..." He vows that he will keep making music as long as he can... All he wants is for you to listen.

01. Bob Marley (Intro)
02. The Spark (Hand Of God) (Prod. by K2)
03. Soft & Hard Caress (Prod. by Ishaq Fahim)
04. This Is Love...
05. Heroin Heroine (Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere)
06. The Butterfly (Prod. by MasterMind)
07. The Day Before Tomorrow (Version C) (Prod. by R&S)
08. Hope (Prod. by R&S)
09. Break Away (Prod. by Ishaq Fahim & JayNel)
10. Not Of This World (Prod. by Shawn Kaylor)
11. Light Up The Darkness (Prod. by K2)
12. The Cure (Outro)

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