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Here it is folks. The Winter Falls Mixtape. 17 tracks running about 42 minutes. This is a quickie I put together this past winter. Some of the tracks are from 05,06 and most from 07,08. So a bit older. Still majorly fresh! This album has not been mastered given the current state of the music industry as well as the economy, there is no justifiable logic in spending the money on it. Just wanted to hit ya'll with something fresh. This is a freebie for those who get down on it quick enough. I will eventually remove the link and put the album up for sale. I know most kids nowadays feel music should be free? wtf!! I can't believe this is what it is coming down to. There is absolutely no way!! for an independent artist with no push to make a living doing this music sh*t as long as people continue to think that way. Oh well. This ones for the collectors! Do it! Post a comment and leave your feedback! If u end up knockin this one in ya head phones on the bus, or while your mobbin - tell me about it, if you think it sucks - can't please everybody but let mafuckas no you think it's garbage. F*k it. I just wanna see people discussing there opinions on the music i'm giving ya'll. Thanks and god bless my supporters. I love ya'll! Peace N-

01. Winter Falls Intro
02. Drop(Raining On My Head)
03. Blessings(prod. by wigged wax)
04. Snocaps(prod. by Inside Jokes)
05. Winterz Wonderland(prod. by Ambrose)
06. Winterz Coldest Fantasy(prod. by Wellz)
07. Cave Dwella( Wellz)
08. Luv Means Featuring P-Able (prod. by Wellz)
09. Industry Bullshit
10. Blue In The Face(prod. by Crate Monsta)
11. Say It Loud(wigged wax remix)
12. Work mans Ethic(prod. by Inside Jokes)
13. Doper Luder
14. Electric Buzz Are
15. The Move
16. More Ludes For Yooos
17. Cold Outside( Moka Only)

All Tracks mixed, recorded and Edited By Nebz Supreme
All Beats By Nebz Supreme except where noted...
Thank you and shouts out to everyone who was a part of this project...

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