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Finally! San Diego duo Nothin'Less and SaviorSelf follow up their heavily touted mixtape, "Under The Hood," with the official full length, "Under Surveillance"! featuring a guest appearance and contributions from Mestizo and a track produced by Nick Sena. The 2006 mixtape did exactly what it was supposed to do: with a collection of both original and borrowed beats, the two emcees emerged from the obscurity of the San Diego south bay, in National City's harsh west side, and soon became a talked about team of new blood reppin' their streets through the creative output of hip hop. Two years later, after countless shows in Southern California and abroad, so much has changed. Crime is up in our town, and the country is in no better condition with the economy in the gutter, and this 24 hour day in the life of Old English takes you on encounters from SD to Tijuana and overseas to the UK and Amsterdam combining experiences gathered in the short time that has passed since "Under The Hood." Also featuring a guest appearance by Damu, production by DJ CMeRock, cuts by DJ Pound, narration by Sev the Great and more! Take the ride.

01. Fuck The Radio 0:43
02. Under Surveillance feat. Damu 5:40
03. The Heist 2008 4:41
04. Down 2 The Concrete 4:18
05. Black Rose Renegade 3:11
06. Caller #6 (Interlude) 1:10
07. Girl What's Your Name? feat. Damu, G Rocka, Whoizdat? 5:29
08. Fully Recovered 5:05
09. The Dedication 3:38
10. Understand My Reason feat. Mestizo 3:44
11. Royalty 4:28
12. The Horizon 3:28
13. School Of Hard Knocks 3:25
14. Where'd The Dago? 4:48
15. + vs. - 4:29

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