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Othello and Manwell first met in 2001 as tour support for John Reuben. They instantly formed a connection that over time would produce a dynamic two man operation now known as the Othello & Manwell Show. Now the 26 year old turntablist (Dj Manwell) and 25 year old emcee (Othello) have finally come together on their first EP "The Rain System". Having been a part of and recorded with the likes of Lightheaded, Deep Space 5 and countless others, this unique blend of brilliant Turntablism and skillful wordplay will show and prove not only on record, but also on stage. Welcome to the Othello and Manwell Show.

01. Rain System
02. OK, Alright
03. For Once
04. My Bike Sucka
05. Showcase
06. Operation
07. That Feeling feat. Manchild
08. To Be Here

This was originally gave away free to people who pre ordered Othello's LP "Alive At The Assembly Line" back in '07 but Othello decided to put it out as a release on its own.

If you like this make sure you go to Othello's MySpace page and cop it from him. It's only $10

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