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01. "Code Black (Intro)"
02. "ChumpSin Pink" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
03. "Scott Free" (prod. by Da Free Agents)
04. "Neva Asked For This" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
05. "Mr. Bitches & MySpace (Interlude)"
06. "Bitchpleaze" (prod. by Chris Walsh)
07. "Helldate" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
08. "Dinner With Luna (Interlude)"
09. "She Said" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
10. "Luna Was Crazy! (Interlude)"
11. "Smile and Cries (ft. Jedmon)" (prod. by Jedmon & Ryan Conway)
12. "Another Cold Winter" (prod. by Mirrorkill)
13. "The Very, Very, Very Sad Story Of Luna (Interlude)"
14. "MySpaces" (prod. by The Holy Soulja)
15. "Deez Nutz! (Outro)"

Grabbed this from rockthedub.com. This is a nice put together package of various tracks from Colorado MC, Whygee! Here's a piece from "Rock the Dub"...

"Throughout this project, Whygee speaks on his thoughts on Hip-Hop, women and the strife that our people encounter living in this wonderful world of ours (kind of like The Boondocks, no?). The beats vary from darker, piano-driven thought provokers ("Bitchpleaze") to cavalcades of electronic fuzz-box material ("Another Cold Winter"), and the story of Mr. Bitches is weaved throughout, making this a nice, complete package."

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