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01. 48 (Produced by: Illmind)
02. Drop That (Produced By Loptimist)
03. 2nd Coming (World Premiere) (Produced By DJ Cozmos)
04. Long Time (Produced by: Symbolyc One)
05. Untitled II (featuring V Zilla) (Produced by : Moonshine)
06. Stand Down (Featuring The Niyat) (Produced by: Loptimist)
07. Talkin Bout (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
08. For The Part 1 (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
09. For The Part 2 (Featuring Cat Corley and Petu) (Produced by: Kay)
10. The Nicest (Produced by: Loptimist)
11. Self-Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
12. Paper Champs (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
13. Respect The Name (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
14. Gots Ta Love It (Produced by: Symbolyc One)
15. Forreal Forreal (Produced By: Soul Supreme)
16. Piece Of Mine (Produced By Loptimist)
17. Unemployed N****s (Featuring Starchy Arch) (Produced by: DJ Cozmos)
18. Fragile (featuring V Zilla) (Produced by : Moonshine)
19. Move On Pt III (featuring Kay) (Produced by: Symbolyc One)
20. 1st Team All State Featuring DJ Cipher, Big $ Mic, DJ Cozmos, Mavrek, Rukus, Minus, Kay, D Rose. Symbolyc One, Myone, Leaf, Snap aka Red Cess, Deology, Starchy Arch, Bavu Blakes, V Zilla, J. Sin, Chip Fu and Damien (Produced By Loptimist)
21. My Turn (Bonus Track) (Produced by: Slopfunkdust)

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