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Half-teacher, half emcee, all hustle. A 12-year rhyme veteran, Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, Random speaks to the everyman through creative stories and concepts.

It all started with "The Call." Released by RAHM Nation Recordings in 2006 to rave reviews, it helped to establish Ran as one of underground hip-hop's up and comers.

"The Call" has been utilized in university curriculum and has propelled Random all over country, selling thousands of copies and encouraging young, old, rich and poor alike.

Random's follow-up move can only be described as something Random. In 2007 he released the critically acclaimed "Mega Ran" album, which combines hip-hop, rock and many more musical genres with the memorable music of the classic Mega Man video games. This album got him into the good graces of the game's creators, Capcom, who offered Random full support of the project, which opened him up to a completely new fan base, in addition to his growing underground following. Now you are just as likely to catch Random spitting his clever, poignant rhymes at an anime convention as at an underground Hip-Hop spot.

Okayplayer called "Mega Ran" 'one of the most creative releases this year,' and Random's music has gone on to be profiled by media outlets such as Wired Magazine, IGN, Complex Magazine, Blender Magazine and more.

Random released the conceptual "The 8th Day," on August 8, 2008 featuring guest appearances by Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, LMNO of the Visionaries, MC Frontalot and many more, in addition to competing in the world-famous SCRIBBLE JAM MC Battle and landing a feature story in Blender Magazine.

01. Random - The Opening - (Produced by DN3)
02. Eight is Enough - (Produced by Storyville)
03. Splash Woman (produced by Samik)
04. UKnowTheName feat. Storyville (produced by DN3)
05. My Love feat. Rufus Pipes (produced by Ravage)
06. The Bailout feat. Storyville (produced by K-Murdock of Panacea)
07. Megalude 9 feat. Vince the Rocket Scientist (produced by Random)
08. Boss Battle: Jewel Man (produced by Mutherpluckin' B)
09. Run N Gun feat. Ciphurphace and Pugz Atoms (produced by Dre Jackson)
10. Endless feat. Storyville (produced by Samik)*
11. Get Equipped feat. Side Effect (produced by Fingaz)
12. Outro (produced by Random)*
13. Splash Woman (acoustic reprise) (produced by Shadix)*

*available on the Full Version - hitting stores and digital retailers March 20!

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