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Underground favorites, Scholarly Pursuits (Bourne & Rembrandt), team up with MBalla (from OWI) and RC (who were featured on their debut album The Schmagilla Incident) to create a new group called County Officials. Here, they introduce “The Citizens Committee”. This mixtape is a precursor to their upcoming official albums.

01. Diamonds in the Rough
02. Naughty Us
03. One Situation
04. A Rhyme for a Rhyme
05. Stressed Cats
06. That Ain’t for Me
07. The Sickness
08. Miracles
09. How It Is
10. So Official
11. Guilty Life
12. Triumphant
13. Play the Sidelines
14. Victims
15. Fire
16. Family Tree
17. Hectic
18. Fat Cigars
19. The Truth Hurts
20. Young Ones

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