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Darkside ov Heaven, is an official fulllength studio follow up to Never Surrender, which previously ended his Journey to the Sun trilogy. If one thing has always been certain it's that Sunspot has always been very opinionated and outspoken about the Mainstream. Disgusted with it all, here he attempts to show that the mainstream won't ever get it right, and through some storytelling-type tracks Sunspot is at times straight up mocking how ridiculous the superstars really are, while trying to prove that he and his team of friends have what it takes to make music that people want to hear. Who really wants to see that darker side of stardom, lights, glitz and glamor when they've enjoyed this freedom from it all for so long!.

01. Poor Mans Salsa
02. Bigger Than Chitterlings Ft The Temper Twins
03. Hug Bacardi (The Oddysey Part 2)
04. Dip Down
05. We Own The Night
06. Darkside Ov Heaven (Mama Had Raiders Season Tix Mix)
07. Suckas Play They Part
08. Killamanjaro Grow
09. Sunspeezy
10. I Choose U
11. His Name Is
12. Distractions
13. Dope
14. Endure
15. Sergeant Bump Ft Myka 9 and Luckyiam.Psc (Bonus Track)

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