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Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture was a watershed release for the independent Hip Hop world. Now, for the first time, the album is available in this special instrumental only configuration. With production by RZA, Allah Math, Preservation (Mos Def), Bronze Nazareth and DJ Noize, this instrumental collection defines the cutting edge of underground production and serves as a gateway into the Wu-Tang world.

01. Lyrical Swords (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
02. Slow Blues (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
03. Still Grimey (Beat By Preservation)
04. Think Differently (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
05. Biochemical Equation (Beat By Rza)
06. O.D.B. Tribute (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
07. Fragments (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
08. Street Corners (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
09. Listen (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)
10. Verses (Instrumental) (Beat By DJ Noize)
11. Preservation (Beat By Preservation)
12. Cars On The Interstate (Beat By Allah Mathematics)
13. Give It Up (Beat By Preservation)
14. Black Dawn (Beat By Bronze Nazareth)

More classic beats for you to sink ya teeth into. I've been dyin for some Bronze instrumentals so this is perfect, enjoy!

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