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"It’s what the people have come to expect from me” explains Diablo Archer, “a gritty, soulful breath of life into a digital sound.” Icarus Complex features production from Def Dave and D-Lamma (Loop-ings), Rockwell, Nic and Jaq (Nic and Jaq Beat Dreams), and MIDIMarc.

Diablo Archer, who most recently appeared on Edgar Allen Floe's Floe Almighty: The Remixture (MCEO Records), shares microphone duties with Dasan Ahanu (Amp Truth Records), MoSiyah (208 Dragons/First Born Music), and Devil's Advocate Music’s own, Rushmoore.

Devil’s Advocate Music, established in 2004, is an independent imprint with a passion for truth in music. With three extremely well-received releases to its credit, the company’s continuing mission is to release quality material to a deserving consumer base.

01. Fear of Flying (featuring Dasan Ahanu)
02. Winning Season
03. Seeing You
04. Starstruck (featuring Shaun Bartlett)
05. In His Own Words (featuring MoSiyah and Rushmoore)
06. Daybreak
07. Walking On (featuring Rushmoore)

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Yes i did, i jacked the link from HHB coz you need to hear this but if you want the new album, which is sick by the way, then visit cdbaby and purchase it for as little as $5 or £3.50, I downloaded it a couple hours ago and it's def worth the purchase... CD or mp3. Show the artists ya support and check out the above release he did last year and apologies to Diablo Archer if he feels any way about us posting Icarus Complex, it can be removed if you so request.


Also available on iTunes, visit his MySpace for links.